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In the middle ages a four-poster bed or canopy bed was mainly used for practical reasons, today it can be a special highlight in your bedroom. The combination of bed frames and overhanging fabrics offers countless design options: Something can be found for every taste and decorating style. In this post, we show you how you can realize the dream of the four-poster bed and with simple ideas and tips you can pimp up your recent bedroom.

The basic idea behind ​​a canopy bed

Modernes Schlafzimmer im Hoteldesign mit weißem Bett und Moskitonetz darüber und Trockenfrüchten zum kostenlosen Naschen auf dem Bett
The basic idea – good sleep without annoying mosquitoes. A mosquito net has a real advantage even in our latitudes.

A four-poster bed consists of a bed frame with extended bedposts, and a canopy or more textiles are attached. Usually, this canopy is made of textile material, but it can also be made of wood or other materials. Depending on the design, the canopy can be supplemented by side curtains, creating a small protected sleeping area, which has a thermally insulating effect and also keeps away annoying mosquitoes.


The suspended fabric lines of a four-poster bed create a unique look that many people prefer to have in their own bedroom. Lots of diverse effects can be designed: A romantic double bed, or an Alcove-style.  What about a sleeping place with a typical oriental 1001-night feeling or the well-known cinderella bed that many little girls want? But do not panic:  Lots of variants that appeal more to men are available, too.

Holzhimmelbett und Teppich auf dem Boden, schwarze Wände
You can also design a four-poster bed very masculine. Here, a four-poster bed was suggested with the wooden frame. So it fits in with your modern style in the bedroom

As the canopy is usually made of fabric, curtains and curtains are ideal for creating an overhang above and beside the bed. Already with four roof hooks, you can give your bed a „four-poster feeling“. Of course, the different types of curtains and fabrics can also be designed as a side panel. Here are some other ideas to turn your bed into a dreamlike four-poster bed with curtains.

Choice of a four-poster bed – needs to fit into the bedroom size

Compared to a conventional bed, a four-poster bed is a bit larger and can take much more space in the bedroom – so in a smaller bedroom it can quickly become too much dominant. If you want a bed canopy in the bedroom, you should always measure the room height, so that the canopy has some space to the ceiling.

Runder Teppich vor grauem Bett mit Decke im minimalen Schlafzimmerinnenraum mit Plakat.
Often, only a hint of a canopy style is enough. Especially if you have little space in the room, this is a smart solution.

Besides the pure question of space, the color is another point that affects the final result. For a harmonic overall picture of the bedroom, the color of the wood frame should match with the wardrobe and the rest of the furniture. You can add some color accents to the canopy. It looks good when the remaining textiles, such as the bed linen is chosen in the same color – then the canopy bed looks consistent and inviting.

Many new models with straight designs also fit perfectly in modern bedrooms. There are lots of possibilities that can be found for every taste and style of living. Both, the lying surface, the superstructure, and the canopy can vary depending on the model: From a tiny single to wide double beds, from solid wood constructions to filigree metal superstructures and from light, flowing fabrics to heavy brocade textiles.

Complete the scene with clever illuminations 

Beleuchtung Himmelbett indirekte Beleuchtung warme Töne
Warm light sources and indirect light really turn out the best of your sleep oasis.

Small details can be used as an interior design that can make great effects. If you want to stage the four-poster bed in the bedroom, you can use for example lanterns and candles. They throw soft light through the fabrics around the bed. In order to create a truly starry sky on the ceiling of your bed, you can also use LEDs and fairy lights, which you can fix over the main canopy. With this little trick, you can create beautiful light games, which will certainly force good dreams, comfort and deep sleep in your bedroom.

DIY Canopy beds in self-made construction

With a little effort and skill, you can make the dream come true –  your individually four-poster bed. Without a ready-made solution from the furniture store. Since the canopy construction is relatively simple, this can also be realized with some wooden slats, cross struts and angles. On the Internet, you will find exact Building instructions to extend the bedposts of your bed and then connect them with cross braces. Then only the fabric has to be attached to the construction. If you do not trust yourself, you may find a friend or family member to help you.

A four-poster bed in your own bedroom creates a cozy sleeping atmosphere – the falling panels creating a unique look. Just with these clever ideas, you can drape a canopy over the bed or build your own construction. Fulfill now the dream of your own and personalized dreaming style.

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