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Cozy Rooms you won’t leave – interior Ideas for you home


We need to face this now seriously! You can try to still deny – but the nights start to last longer –  winter will come – sooner or later. Are you already prepared – better say – is your HOME ready for cozy hours after work and lazy weekends while the storms howling around your place?

We don’t talk about Christmas decorations, yet. That’s really too early. But we want to show you how to make your rooms that cozy – you won’t leave for the whole winter season. I collected great decor and interior ideas for your winter feeling 2019/20

Inspirations for your Cozy Home Style – Winter 2019/20

Lights and shining for a relaxed and cozy atmosphere

Let’s have a look at the bible. The biggest designer of all. God. He started with light. And how could we be so ignorant, not to follow this great design idea? So let’s start with your lights.

I collected already lots of nice Ideas at Pinterest: Have a look there. You can pin your favorites on your own boards.

Light for a purpose

When I come home from university these days it’s already dark outside. Then I do my daily studying at my favorite place – my desk. Therefore I have arranged more than just one light source.

First an allover light, that gives the room a nice atmosphere and takes care that the contrast between the more powerful spot above my MacBook is not that strong. That’s better for my eyes.

I love scented candles. They help me to relax and feel comfortable while studying.

Cozy place to work with candlelights and nice atmosphere
Design your working place in a cozy area. Studying is much easier if you feel relaxed.

Same in the living room. Here you need good light for reading. So you can create a cozy reading area with some Spotlamps who will emit light from above directly to your reading stuff.

Lights for a cozy atmosphere in your rooms

Besides the practical light sources, you can increase your cozy feeling with indirect lights, warm light sources, lampshades and – candles or lanterns. If you fear open fire – I can recommend you this nice lanterns, you can find now in every interior shop. Open lights should never be left unattended! Fragrance Lights can also help you to relax with your favorite note.

Laterns for a cozy light in the winter season
Setting some shining accents with this nice standing lanterns.

Seasonal switch of Colors and Textures

While I preferred these apple green accessories and interior pieces during summer, now I switch my main decor into warm and autumnal colors, earth colors, Bordeaux red or warm orange nuances. But also warm green nuances can give your room a comfy view.

Also, the texture changed into more fluffy and furry, high floor carpets and window stores made from velvet.

Stores functionally and stylish

Cozy redish room with red window stores and a green plant
Create a nice reading area in your cozy room,

Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Velvet Stores have also a practical benefit. If you are living in an old house built at the end of the 19.th Century, the windows are not that good sealed, like in a brand new house. The cold creeps through this leaky old frames. Velvet Stores help you to avoid high heating costs. Close them in cold winter nights and they help to keep the warm air inside.

High floor Carpets

While I prefer these sisal carpets in the summertime, I roll them up and store them in the cellar. Changing it into this great high-floor carpets, what gives every room an extra cozy touch.

Textile decoration Pilows and cozy blankets

Collage of cozy decoration Ideas
You can play with blankets, fake fur, and fake lamb. Good fabrics should be washable.

Pillows in all sizes have already taken place on my sofa. This makes this winter feeling great. And if you have a look into the shops you will find also these roughly knitted blankets that match perfectly to your winter style. What about a nice wooden basket where you can store these blankets decoratively? You can falt them alongside and roll it and stick it into the basket. This gives it a well-organized look.

Rolled Blankets in a basket looking more well organized
Rolled Blankets in a basket looking better organized

Sarah Shaffer

Cozy places for the furry kinds

Do you have a dog or a cat? Your four-legged flatmates will enjoy also these great poufs and will join you for a snuggle session.

Cat lying on a pouf
Cute cat lying on a pouf at home

Greens inside

I already miss these green and blooming times in summer. You too? So why don’t we bring in some greens into your rooms?

Living walls, solitaire huge Plants in the right place gives your rooms a supernatural feeling. Let it grow on places with daylight and if it is not enough – you can use this plant lights to ensure, that the plant has enough light to survive.

Very Trendy are this planted walls for your home

Jason Leung

And if you spend your next weekend in nature, why not collect something nice decoration? Moss, chestnuts, break wood and other seasonal organic decoration you can find during a nice walk through the woods. Collect them ( as far it is allowed) and do a stylish floral arrangement on your own.

DIY fall decoration
Collected during an autumn walk. A gift of nature. Chestnuts, acorns, leaves and grasses and rose hips from the garden. All you need is a vase and a bit of creativity.

Indoor Wells – babbling coziness

They have a real soothing effect. Indoor wells, you can find in all kinds at the moment. The only thing you need to check that they are really complete sealed. Nothing worst as if such an indoor well is ruining your wooden floors. Better test it first in your bathroom, or kitchen if there is no leak.

My dream – Cozy home with fireplace

What was so common in the past – went rare today. A real open fireplace in the living room or the dining room. To install it you need to go through the official regulations of your local government. And they are not cheap. But if you have a nice TV you can transform it into an open bone fire. At Netflix, YouTube and other platforms, you can download several bone fire videos.

Cozy open fireplace for your living room
That’s fall or winter feeling at its best. An own open fireplace. I love it.

Take your favorite book, sit down into your reading chair and let the digital wood crack in the visual glow and enjoy the nice atmosphere of an open fireplace.

With these tips, I hope I could animate you to your own, cozy room styles you rather would not leave anymore. Write to me about your own Ideas.

Have a cozy season!


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