With Denim, you are always well dressed. Especially during your free time, this de-stressing look is unbeatable. Right now, in the fall months, Jeans and Co. are chic and practical transitional attire. I collected styles, what’s top, and how to combine parts correctly for you.

Explaining jeans fashion in autumn 2019

Denim Oufit 2019 verschiedene Schnitte


Man is rarely a fashion expert. So you might despair, because of the various technical terms that are used in the shops. I explain the most important trends for you.

Destroyed Jeans

Destroyed Jeans als Look für den Herbst 2019

You certainly already know this look from the past years. Jeans in used look with cracks across or whole holes at knee height. Also in 2019, you can wear this look. However, less is more now. Pay attention not too many holes and cracks.

Tapered Jeans

Denim Look mit Tapered Jeans

You could think that’s probably the answer to the jogging pants, the tapered jeans. Tapered at the top and on the thighs the size rather wide and comfortable. It tapers down until it tightly closes with the ankle. Use cool shoes as an eye-catcher, to give this casual look a little more style. Also cool: Combine with leather boots or slippers.

Skinny Jeans

Who can wear it, is absolutely top styled with this cut in the fall of 2019. However, this figure-hugging cut is dangerous if you’ve already chewed on some „winter bacon“. These jeans don’t forgive any belly approach. Trick: Choose a casual, long-sleeved shirt as a combination and let it hang casually over your pants. So you can hide the little belly a bit.

Double Denim

Double Denim is when you are combining two denim parts, contrasting with each other. But beware. This style requires to be skillful. Best suited with a light blue or light gray denim shirt and dark blue skinny jeans, or even tapered jeans. important about this denim look is that you really choose great contrasts. Otherwise, the style looks more like if you had just pulled something out of the closet in the morning.

90s Denim

Anyone who has experienced the 90s like me knows them – the completely bleached denim fabrics from that time. The revival of the 90s is also a great casual outfit for autumn. If you want to do it correctly, roll up your trousers a bit.

Sherpa denim jackets with lamb fleece or fake fur

The next revival from the late 80s and early 90s are these denim jackets, lined with lambskin. White lambskin collars give the otherwise common denim jacket a little more pep. You can also wear this jacket in December. Just cool, this style.

Noble but delicate – white jeans and denim jackets

It’s only for professionals who can move around with these bright colors without looking like they’ve had to change a flat tire 30 minutes ago. You have to learn how to move and where to sit with the light denim pants. Nothing for beginners.

Wrap that Thing

As described in the 90s trend above, you can roll up slim jeans or straight cuts to show your chic sneakers, but beware. Again, less is more.

Distressed Denim Outfit for the fall season

Similar to the Destroyed Look, these jeans have a visibly used look. But even more subtle and more indicated by color abrasion at the seams, subtle minor cracks. Important for this style fall season style is that you combine these casual jeans always with extremely noble parts. A great leather biker jacket or a fine cashmere short coat, with good leather sneakers make the style perfect.

Casual Outfits for Fall – What’s in Your Capsule Wardrobe?

That’s what you need for your 2019 denim look

Here’s a little list I’ve put together for you to equip your Denim Look Wardrobe.


At least one of the classic jeans should be in your wardrobe. I recommend here a dark blue, straight cut and possibly another in the explained styles above.


Casual cuts, cool colors. With these shirts, you can combine great outfits. Colors that are trendy in the fall: blue, shades of gray, earth colors.


With Polos you are always well dressed. Especially with Ralph Lauren, you will find the trendy autumn colors, which can be combined perfectly with your denim look.

Casual Shirts – Button-Down Shirts

Button Down, light blue denim shirts, can give your casual denim style a touch of business casual.

Cloth pants – Chinos

Also, with a few chinos, you can upgrade your casual outfits for the fall, so that you can wear your style also at the office and in front of the customer.

Chick in knit

They are not for everyone. The knit vests. But for the current „Brexit Style“ (joke) such a jacket is part of everyday life in autumn 2019. In any case, your wardrobe needs fine knitting ware made of finest materials, like Kashmere, Sheep Wool or even silk.


Like in the last fall/winter season, the bomber jackets stay trendy this year. Complete your wardrobe, with a simple training jacket with Zipping like these from Adidas, Puma or other Sports Fashion Manufacturers.

Sportive Jacket blue with zipOversized down jackets can wear tall or slim men just as well. But beware of all those whose middle is a bit more generous.


They are great for interim Fashion. Hoodies are a statement. Top in the trend are the advertising pieces of the shops from the universities. With them, you make a smart impression. You do not need expensive studies for that.

Sneaker, Slipper & Co.

I’ve already written about that. Allowed is a lot. The sneakers should only be lukewarm. The summer shoes made of sailcloths you should keep in the closet until next year. Winter sneakers can be lined, and have more autumnal colors. With dark blue, brown gray and beige you are fully trending to your denim look.

Sneakers zum Anzug – Die richtige Kombination


Beanies made of fine material are a great accessory for your denim look. Simple leather belts, simple buckles complete the look as well. Scarves in knit look or the simple cashmere scarf are perfect add ons for your outfits.

The wristwatch is also back in fashion – functionally rather secondary, it lets you appear smart and cool like with a sporty model by Seiko.

Did you like my styling guide? Then share it on Facebook, or write me your feedback.

I wish you a stylish fall,

your Roli

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