Health is a topic that affects us all. Nutrition in the office is also high on the list. Because we spend a lot of time at work. That is why much more attention is paid to the topic of health from an operational point of view. Not only the employees themselves but also their supervisors are trying hard to put the topic of healthy nutrition in the focus. Here are some tips on nutrition in the office, as well as some benefits for employees and employers.


Workplace Health Promotion – What employers can do?

Every company can contribute to the health of employees. For example, it can offer staff seminars on a healthy diet.

Viele große Firmen haben eine Kantine. Dort wird zunehmend auf gute Ernährung Wert gelegt. Nutze diese Einrichtung.

If there is an internal canteen in the company, it is beneficial if the menu is balanced and varied. There should be light meals on the menu. Various salads, soups, and whole grains products are at the top of the list. Also, a good alternation between fish, meat and vegetarian options is important. 

Too greasy food is discouraged. A good mix of hot and cold dishes gives employees the chance to choose what they prefer.

Observe breaks!

Respect pauses – stay consistent. These 30 minutes are yours!

As a boss, it is also important to make sure that employees keep their breaks. Only then can the employees enjoy their lunch peacefully. Those who are stressed and try to eat in a hurry and nearby the computer doesn’t get the necessary relaxation.

Improving the office kitchen equipment

As an entrepreneur, you can support your employees in healthy eating with often simple steps. For example, the necessary equipment can be provided in a break room or kitchen to prepare your healthy meals. 

From the classic appliances such as a kettle, microwave or coffee machine to the smoothie mixer and the good old juicer. The employees will make use of it. 

Healthy employees have many advantages for a company:

  • They feel fitter 
  • Employees have more energy 
  • It increases concentration, efficiency, and productivity 
Obst und Gemüse Säfte
A vitamin bomb in between? Fruit and vegetable juices are optimal stress killers.

Healthy eating in the office – What can you do as an employee?

Regular meals are important

for employees to be aware of the diet. It is important that you regularly take the meals and also enough time for it. Fast food next to the laptop is not the ideal option. Give yourself a break and take care of your body. This is not only better for the digestive system, but also the mind. 

If you are tending to miss lunch on busy days or if you are lacking in appetite, then take some actions that will remind you. For example, you can enter reminders in the calendar on your desk. Alternatively, an app or the mobile alarm clock is also useful. Eating together is also a good possibility to break out from the busy treadmill. Ask your colleagues to join you for a lunch break.  

The biggest advantage of not skipping a meal is that you do not suddenly have the munchies. If you eat at regular intervals, the body can better adapt it.

Be prepared for the next day

Anyone who has a stress of everyday life should be well prepared. Besides, meals can be prepared at home or precooked. Some really simple dishes can easily be taken away as a packed lunch from home, even if the office does not have a kitchen. 

We collected some great ideas for you:

A good start into the morning

Muesli yogurt and fresh fruits from the jar. Quickly prepared on the eve.

Various types of cereals, porridges or yogurt can be prepared for breakfast. This is a very fast todo the evening before. It is best to prepare breakfast in the glass with a cap and put it in the fridge overnight. 

Muesli with warm milk for breakfast? It should not be a problem. If you have no stove or microwave in the workplace, maybe a coffee maker can help. Many modern coffee machines have an integrated milk nozzle. This makes it very easy to heat the milk.

Have a balanced and light lunch

If you want to have a hot meal, you can, for example, leave something from the dinner you had the night before.  Heat it in the microwave or a hot water bath. As a fresh side dish, couscous is recommended, as it is prepared quickly with a little boiling water (from the kettle). 

Salat mit Huhn
Anyone who takes light and easily digestible meals at lunchtime fall less frequently in the famous „digestive hole“. This will keep you performing well in the afternoon.

Simple recipes for self-prepared meals should be preferred than these ready meals, you can buy everywhere. Because ready meals are often full of flavor enhancers and hidden fats. That will make you sluggish.

As a slightly lighter snack for lunch, a salad is highly recommended. To keep it fresh and crisp, it should be washed at home the night before. Then remove it from the residual moisture with a salad spinner and add 2-3 of your favorite ingredients. Avocado, seeds, and grains are a good addition to the salad. They give a lot of energy. 

Salat in der Mittagspause
You can prepare salads the day before, easily. Put it in a glass jar and it stays a fresh long time. Do not forget dressing, take it separately with you.

The Temptation – Chocolate, drops & Co.

Stay away from these colleagues with the „Sweet Drawer“. Try to avoid sweets and salty snacks such as chips. They will not make you full, but sluggish and tired. As a snack in between or as a quick snack for the go nuts is an excellent option. 

You can put together your mix of different nuts. And basic dry fruits such as cranberries, raisins or prunes can be used as a supplement. The fruits provide the sweetness as a dessert substitute, the nuts again fresh energy for the afternoon. 

Obst und Gemüse
The trail mix for your snack in between. Nuts are said to be true energy bombs!

What does healthy eating look like? Tips for a Balanced Diet

What is Healthy Eating? Much is talked about. From a young age at school, later in the workplace, at home and in the media, the topic is omnipresent. But how do you eat healthily?

 Many dietitians and nutrition experts advise a varied and balanced diet. This includes a lot of fruits and vegetables but also carbohydrates. Who thinks that these should simply be omitted, is wrong. It is more important to eat the right carbohydrates. Whole wheat bread and products, made of Dinkel-wheat are the ideal alternatives to the classic white bread. Also, fast food like fries should remain a rarity. But you do not have to do without it. You can enjoy everything but in moderation and small portions.

Fruits and vegetables must be part of a healthy eating plan. Besides, it also includes consuming enough alkaline food in the diet. This includes vegetables such as potatoes, fennel, salads, and herbal teas. 

Don’t forget to drink enough!

Wasser trinken
You should drink at least two liters of fluid a day. Tip: Do this before 6:00 pm, so you avoid water depositions in your conjunctive tissue.

It is very important in working life not to forget about drinking. Ideally, plenty of water should be drunk without carbonation or unsweetened teas. However, lemonades with lots of sugar and artificial additives should be avoided. The daily amount of water to be consumed depends on body weight. At about 67 kilograms of body weight, two liters of water per day is optimal. It can also be more on hot summer days.


Your body and soul are one unit. If you neglect a part of it, you will feel it on the other side. So the body should not only be treated well at work but also at leisure. Varied and regular nutrition forms the basis of a steadfast body. This should allow enough time for the breaks at work to enjoy the meals – away from the stress of everyday life. With these simple steps, your health and good feeling can get improved a lot. 

More information about health and fitness, at work and also in private, can be found here (English translation is coming soon):

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