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Social Media – Optimize Engagements with Instagram Story


Actually, I DON’T wanted to write about my little tricks. Besides, there are enough bloggers who publish about influence and engagement in Social Media anyway. The problem – lots of them have no idea about these topics. They copy other content to get more Google reach. And some of them try to sell you outdated information as a top tip. Nobody will tell you the true tricks anyway. Usually. Maybe I have new tips? Look inside.

Increase Instagram Engagement with smart Story Posts

INSTAGRAM Story – Why you should use it

Since the acquisition of Mark Zuckerberg, a lot has changed in INSTAGRAM as well.

Recently the algorithm has been adjusted again. The focus on Instagram seems to be on the stories. Why? Well – I can only speculate there myself. I suppose because the Stories feature has now outperformed the classic feed and was well received by the Instagrammer.

Newsfeed for Bloggers and Shops

I consider the Instagram story as a great news feed for the Instagram account. Shops, in particular, should use this way for their goods. With the Story Feed, you can draw attention to your newest goods, or even to SALES.

Try out new things in Instagram Story

A second advantage is the testing of new things. How is the feedback of my new outfit? Is it worth it to post more of it in my feed? I like to try new things from time to time in the feed. If they are successful, then I create a web post on the topic. If not – they are gone within 24 hours.

This is how it happens here:

A small video, actually created for a befriended blogger, I placed into IGTV. Then I shared is into my Story as a teaser. To do this you open your IGTV video and select the function „share“. Then you choose Story. Your video will now be displayed in the story for one minute with the link „watch this in IGTV“. When your followers touch it, they’ll go straight to your uploaded videos.

The response was surprising. More than 400 people clicked on my IGTV video in the first hour and also on my feed. They left lots of comments and also on the feed post, I created later.  And best of all – more than 1,400 users clicked on my bio and came over to my website.

That’s what I call a success. Because for me it is important that the Instagram target group finds my website and thus generates more readers.

Blog Posts Evergreens or Feed Evergreens in Instagram Story

You as a blogger surely know how much work you put into your posts. A lot of time and effort. It’s just a pity that these posts eventually disappear in the Instagram suggestions with the time.  Instagram Stories are a perfect way to bring out your best „Blast from the Past“ and re-engage audiences.

My goal: Transform Instagram followers  into regular readers on my website

Many Facebook users have switched more and more to Instagram. The algorithm of Facebook has already annoyed some users. So it was clear to me – I have to pick up my Facebook followers on Instagram.

But how to bring Facebook Followers to Instagram?

Because both stories – Instagram and Facebook are linked, I started to post my story posts directly into Instagram. I tagged my account – also visible on Facebook and people are switching to my Instagram Account and starting to follow it, too.

#Hashtags – the followers love-hate

You know them for sure, those long #hashtags ques on nearly every feed post? Did they annoy you from time to time? Or – have you ever received negative feedback because you’re putting 30 hashtags on your feed post?

With Story Posts, there is a much more elegant way to use hashtags. Even if you can only use 11 hashtags per post. Just because the algorithm now increasingly responds to the stories, you can achieve the same or even a higher range and commitment with fewer terms.

How To Make Effective Instagram Stories – Get More Reach

Storytelling with Pictures

Use the story area to tell a new story every day. You should make sure that the layout does not change constantly within a story. Wildly throwing together quotes, photos and graphics do perform well.


Roli was creating a really good article on our blogzine. In addition to the usual suspects, however, we have received a bit too little response. That’s why I created several slides for an Insta-Story in Canva. The coherent layouts give your Storie continuity and our followers have understood what we wanted. To get them to this brand new article on lifestyleluxurybrigade.com

Create consistent templates per story

You do not need expensive PC software for such a design. At LSLB Magazine, we all work with Canva. It works quickly the graphic templates were created by graphic artists. With a few simple steps you can quickly create a beautiful post or just several posts about:

In Bettina’s design, for example, the fall colors are repeating the whole thing coherent.

Now it’s time to upload to the Instagram stories and here are some things to keep in mind.

Tag your own Instagram account

In every picture, you should tag your own Instagram account using @YOURACCOUNTNAME.

In your bio, the link to your website should be correct.

If the viewers of your story now like what they see there, they can access easily your bio with one tap and another little tip on your website link gets you new readers for your page.

Using invisible Hashtags

Of course, you can post hashtags on every story. Up to 11 hashtags are possible here. But how does that affect the viewer? I found all these terms in the picture rather disturbing. That’s why I colored these hashtags in the color of the background. Thus, they are almost invisible.

Advantage: If someone searches for #Fall_Deco my story appears in his search results. If the person now clicks on my story, she will not be bothered by another 10 visible hashtags. Only my @Lifestyleluxurybrigade tag is visible.

Conclusion: More readers come across from Instagram to my website.

Tagging your cooperation partners or influencers

If you also tag your co-operation partners (visible or invisible) they will receive a message in their own Instagram account and can feed your story in their story as well.

Two advantages: self-promotion and happy customers.

If you follow an influencer with a large number of followers, you can encourage him to feed your story in his own story as well.

Beispiel: “Great combination – I have seen @Monalisa and realized myself. How do you like my new #FallOutfit?”

What could happen now is that this influencer is happy about your mention? He watches your Story Board and discovers how you’ve tried his outfit. He feels encouraged in his taste and what could he/she do now? Right. You might have a big chance now get featured on the successful account of an influencer. If that does not provide new followers, I’ll eat my keyboard!

Featuring cooperation partners or manufacturers that you like

One of our cooperation has resulted in this way.

I followed a travel provider. He has legendary pictures in his story. As a result, I often just featured his pictures on my story (#featured @Traveler). Conclusion: Not a week later, a mail flapped in my inbox. Request for cooperation. Since then we work together.

Incidentally, Friday is #featured_friday in the US. Instagramers and influencers are featuring other accounts on their storyboard, they like. So you can increase each other’s reach and engagements.

Even if you distribute on behalf of cooperation in Instagram feed, it is always good, in addition to your pictures to feature the pic of your cooperation partner. Your campaign becomes more valuable for the viewer and has more varied content. Providing your highly interested followers to the cooperation partner, which is a very good „selling point“, or can play a major role in the price negotiation.

Continuity is the secret

Nothing is worse than leaving your Instagram story empty for days. You should create a story with several pictures at least once a week. Plan one or more story days and deliver new content to your followers. If you don’t have so much new content at a time, just create new designs from older content that you have not posted anymore for a longer time (Evergreens).

Tip: Save your templates on the phone or in the cloud. So you can always post back to the story quickly.

Tagging @lifestyleluxurybrigade and you will be featured into our Story

Did you like my article? Then try it out and let me know how your reach/engagement has grown, follow us on Instagram or mention us on your next story post. If we like what we see – you will also be featured by me.


Hashtag (s): hæʃˌtæg (s) Hashtags are terms that use the rhombus while searching. I.E. you are looking for #falloutfits  you will get a list of results that leads to pictures that cover this topic.

Feed / Feeds: fiːdz The feed is the collection of your standard posts

Feature/featuring: fiːtʃə (r) n You can feature other blogs or manufacturers by sharing their images  into your story

To tag: tæɡ You can mark your account with @, but also other accounts. The owner of the account gets a message that he was mentioned in a picture. You can direct your viewers to a befriended feed or story. This is especially suitable for cooperations.

Engagement Rate: The engagement rate is a measure that measures the interactions and activity of your content. It shows you how many visitors interact with the content. Likes, comments, shares, and visitors are among the primary factors that can affect the rate.

Range: There are two varieties of range here. The organic range shows you the number of viewers with unpaid posts displayed on the screen. Then there is the paid range. When you post a paid post into Social Media, it will appear more often in the suggestions of your defined audience.

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Sie ist die Initiatorin des LSLB-Magazins. Neben ihrer Tätigkeit im Management und Entwicklung, findet sie aber immer noch Zeit, selbst über die schönen Dinge des Lebens zu schreiben. Ihr Fokus liegt auf Hotelchecks und Städtereisen, Tipps und Tricks rund um das Thema. Sie hat eine Schwäche für den afrikanischen Kontinent und begleitet den Abenteuer Redakteur, wann immer sie kann in die Weiten der afrikanischen Savannen. Zudem ist sie der richtige Ansprechpartner, wenn es um Deine Werbeschaltung geht, oder um Anfragen zu Kooperationen.

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