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This is our first step into an international and multilingual Website. Thanks for your patience. First articles or blog posts in English will follow soon.

SOON: English reader doesn’t need Google Translate anymore

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To be honest – it was about time! Regarding our huge and multi-language audition, we needed to do something. After months of evaluation translation tools, hours of testing, and lots of fails, we found a nice solution. Funny side story – a befriended blog uses this solution for months. Easy to install and easy to work with. This says to me once more in life – keep it simple!


When you can expect first Content in English

Though the „technical part“ is done, we need to translate these tons of german content we collected in nearly five years. We gonna keep it simple too and will translate all-new content which is coming next, and step by step our past „best of“. With time you will find more and more translated blog posts here. Please stay tuned and patient.

Which Content will follow soon?

The Garda Lake in Italy
View from the castle over the Lago di Garda in Italy. Holidays in the Italian Mountains.

Peter and I did a road trip by car – we went to the northern part of Italy – lakes mountains – adventure and great things to see and taste. This story will be the first content we will post same time, English and German.

Do you love Luxury Cars? Then stay tuned for Andreas Icha’s newest luxury car testing report.

Our LSLB Magazine for Download – English Version

LSLB-Magazin Nachlese Subscription for free.

A few of you already know our Online Magazine. „Nachlese“ will be published now also as a smaller, but English Version. The Download is for free if you subscribe. You can download the newest Content as a Flip Board or as PDF for your tablet. Is this good news?

Contest – give the kid a Name

The Download Version of this online Magazine in Germans calls „Nachlese“. Very popular with our German-speaking readers. But how could we name the English Version? If you have an idea, send us a message, leave a comment under this post or discuss with us at facebook. I’m looking forward to your ideas. The best input will get a price. More Details you will find here and on Instagram or Facebook in the next weeks.

Typos, wrong Grammar and Mistakes

I’m aware that I will blame myself in the next months regarding the translation into English. So if you find wrong translations, typos or bad grammar – keep it. It’s for free. If you like us – send us a discrete email – we will be thankful for your friendly input.

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