Soul Bathing in the Woods of Vienna

A bath in the woods is good for your soul
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A trendy therapy for townspeople. The rainforests are burning and the Central European forest is not doing well, too due to the persistent drought and the bark beetles. The forest is an inestimable value to us humans.

Immanuel Kant already realized that in the face of nature we feel more part of a larger context and become better people. And it looks like he was right. Because studies of the American Rochester University found out that our egoism in nature shrinks. And not only that. Japanese studies show that a walk in the woods normalizes blood pressure and pulse rate. Anxiety and stress are reduced, while the ability to concentrate increases. In short: trees ensure physical and mental health.

So let’s go to the forest or at least to the park!

Soul Bathing in the green lung of Baden near Vienna

I have tried the Forest bathing in the upper spa park in Baden near Vienna. There are lots of nice benches and places here to just sit down a bit and feel the forest. Forest medicine is not about physical exercise, but about feeling getting one with the forest.

The treetops are the sea for your soul

It is best to look at the forest, from eye to eye, from a higher place. The „Theresienwarte“(Observatory named after the empress Maria Theresia 1717-1780), which was built in 2015, is the ideal place for this.

Situated 416 meters above the Adriatic Sea, this wooden and iron structure allows you to raise your position by more than 17 meters.

The building is solidly constructed from the same material as its surroundings.

Climbing and abseiling exercises are officially forbidden here.

Step by step it goes through the treetops. Beech trees on one side…

… and pines on the other.

Its a little bit like if I would look at the forest, through a panorama window with blinds.

And then they spread out – directly in front of my shoe tips. The Vienna Woods. In all their splendor.

In the distance, you can see the valley of Baden and on the other side even Vienna.

All the hills are covered with forest.

From below, the forest does not yet show this awesome view, until you climbed up the hills.

The bark of the trees is rough and jagged.

Some trees are overgrown with fairytale moss.

Some traces of the pitchers that used to collect the tree resin can still be found here.

And everywhere the trees stretch out their roots.

With a little luck, you will meet a forest dweller very close.

New life is settling on the deadwood.

No, these are no paprika potato chips!

When flying bees meet your flying soul

On the way back, be sure to stop by the bee castle. It was just renovated this year and serves as a dwelling for a busy colony of bees.

The forest is reflecting in the lily pond. A nice place to sit down and let flow your thoughts.

I promise you: You just feel better after your forest bathing experience! Anyway, I am much more relaxed.




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