Fitnesstrends 2019

The biggest trend in the fitness area this year is that there are not that many changes. Except for an important change. The training styles become even smarter and more mature. The tricks of professional athletes conquer the mainstream market and have become affordable for every man through mass production and extensive sports research.

A great topic is a professional recovery, sustainable and even smarter training. The digital fitness tracking goes into the next generation and gentler forms of exercise come on.

What was already completely normal in the US, unpopular with us until recently, is the fact that men start to join Pilates classes, yoga sessions, meditation groups, and gymnastics classes. Why this is a good chance you can read now.

1Fitness at work – companies offer incentives

The Australian personal trainer, Nadja Murdock, describes it like this: „Forget to sit in front of the computer for hours or to take a telephone call sitting. Move consciously during office routine.“

More and more companies are offering extended wellness options for their employees. Meetings are held in an upright position or motion, they meet to climb stairs together after lunch or after business hours in the park. More and more employees appreciate these active breaks and the benefit for the employer is clear. Mobile body, mobile mind. By encouraging the employee to stay healthy, they benefit from happier and more balanced workforces.

When you get stuck in the workflow, a walk through the corridors, on the way to the cafeteria or the steps of the staircase helps to dissolve it.

Tips for more exercise at work

2Recreation – an important part of any workout


It doesn’t matter what kind of fitness you do. At least as important for your body is to relax it again. Cool Down is the secret for an even better training effect.

Even if research clearly says that if we want to have better results, we also have to train harder, a recovery phase after each workout is an important part of getting better training results. Suitable for this is Cryotherapy, massages, and acupuncture. What used to be reserved only for high-end athletes is now becoming more and more mainstream and accessible to the general public.

Proper relaxation prevents injury and relaxes muscles. Recovered musculature trains better than an overtrained and hardened one.

4The „soft“ tones of Pilates, meditation, and yoga

Pilates for men

Anyone who visits the Pilates class together with their girlfriend or sister soon is en vogue. In the US, there are more and purer men’s groups. This fitness form improves your body posture and it’s good for the intrinsic muscles.

What is good for an NFL star like Antonio Beown can be the perfect complement to the training plan for Heinz Müller.
Besides, Pilates should not be underestimated. What looks so easy and effortless in front of the glass door in the gym is, in fact, more like balancing a truck tire on your body. Tip: try it out.

Correct crunches that are efficient


You need not convert to Buddhism or travel to Indonesia to discover your personal Zen. There is a huge selection of meditation apps to download. The Flywheel trainer, Victor Self, says more men than ever will come to the meditations this year.


Just because yoga is so versatile, with its many different types and forms, more and more people are excited about the Far Eastern movement theory. At the moment Yoga is constantly experiencing new variants and styles. A typical challenge for many men is shortened tendons and ligaments that can interfere with movement. However, such handicaps can then cause wrong, or even damaging, results during weight training.

The more flexible a body is, the better the muscles can be built up evenly and shapely.

5Personal Training

According to a survey of American ACSM, the personal trainer remains in the top 10 trends.“The personal trainer will remain an important part of the professional staff of the health and fitness center,“ says the report.

A personal training lesson, whether dumbbell training, bench press or jogging, reduces the risk of injuries and helps the trainee to learn the exercises properly. Besides, the individual training plan, personal motivation, and psychological aspect are great advantages.

What’s a good and what’s a bad fitness trainer

6The Sports Medicine

Instead of visit the doc, when your bones are already crunching, a thorough examination with a sports physician who checks your health status from A to Z is just getting more and more important. Before you start to increase your body performance, you should first let check your body’s actual status and what you have to pay attention to. Many fitness centers offer such a health check. For some, this is even required.

Now, if you are training in a center where this is not intended, ask your family doctor to refer you to a sports physician. Together you will create achievable training goals that are conducive to your organism and do not harm it.

7Smart – smarter – smartest – Performance Tracking Tools

Fitness Tracker watch
Fitness watches become more and more popular. And it makes sense.

Less surprising is the fact that you will have to continue carrying lots of features during the fitness sessions. Charging cables, Power Banks headsets, heart rate monitors will continue escorting you to the “muscle factory“.

The apps are getting smarter and more accurate. Especially the training clocks are taking over more and more of the tracking functionalities of your smartphone. They are much more comfortable and practical to handle. New technologies make them more accurate, and the new generation of logarithms in computing, offer more and more measurement data and capabilities. Certain flywheel technologies can track the executed movements even better and can provide even better analyzes. But not only that. Input for improving your workout behavior, tracking fluid intake, and exercise variations are now available in some apps.

A watch like this can be a very good investment.

Fitness Tracker in Comparison

8Group Training Remains Trend

Anyone who still jogs today with his music playlist and headset alone might have missed the trend some time ago.

Fitness can be a lot of fun in the group when everyone has about the same level of training. Some fitness companies already offer courses that take place outdoors. You meet only for a brief in the fitness club and then move out together to exercising in nature.

Smaller groups

The indoor sports that can be done in the group start tending to „less is more“ Groups with a maximum of 5 – 10 participants are clearer and more efficient than 30 people in a hall. Good gymnastic coaches also attach more importance to a homogeneous group whose skills are about the same.

The psychological aspect is also not insignificant. Especially in our digital world, where we rather communicate only digital anymore, this is a nice chance to find like-minded people offline and expand your social network.

9Let’s get dirty, babe!

Thanks to the visual media and series such as Spartan Runners, Epic Series, Tough Mudder or the Ninja Warriors, this kind of competitive fighting spirit is becoming increasingly popular.

Outdoor events with obstacles and mud holes will certainly take place in your area. Just keep your eyes open. However, you should be here Top fit. This sport is very demanding. However, the fun factor is big.

10Fitness On-Demand

Apps like Runtastic and Co. are still trendy. Anyone who likes to measure up virtually with his friends, or has his expensive spinning wheel at home, can load a training lesson at the push of a button. When you want, where you want and what.

Worldwide fitness broadcasts are becoming increasingly popular and versatile.

11The Revival – Gymnastics as a new form of warm-up

12training on own weight

Agility instead of just strength

More and more men swear by the benefits of increased flexibility and a sense of balance.

A good thing is the alternative „Warm Up Gyms“ which replace the previous monotonous warm up. It takes 20-25 minutes to warm up, instead of sitting stupidly on a cross-trainer or the treadmill for warming up muscles.

Also, new gymnastics associations pop up and not only in the metropolitan areas. In many places, there are gym sessions in public schools again. A revival of the good old gymnastics groups. What already worked fine in the past, starts to be trendy again. If you try to continue to stay flexible, work out your balance and increase your body’s tone, you will inevitably have less fat on your ribs. Own-weight exercises are often underestimated.

Who trains with his body weight, does not need expensive fitness equipment and just good exercises. Countless different exercises are available. And you can do your gymnastics when and where you want. The Pro version of Runtastic offers you many different instructions for self-weight exercises.

A real alternative to this toggle contracts of a gym. As an update, you can then later use some dumbbells, which increase your weight slightly.

13The Virtual Trainer – Screen Guides

Some Low Budget Centers have already made it in 2017. The virtual trainer via a large plasma screen guides the attendees through the exercises. Of course, this requires a lot of knowledge of the trainee and I consider this trend rather suspicious. At least in some fitness centers, from time to time, a trainer in person pops up for checking if everybody does it right.

Virtual Reality Workouts

The hype of the consoles Wii X-Box and Co. in the field of virtual training is over.

Studies have shown that this type of workout does not burn that much more calories than traditional console games, or a short walk.

The virtual reality playpen Virtuix Omni, on the other hand, should provide for actual movements. However, this still too huge virtual reality glasses are annoying. The device seems to be still in its infancy, as the colleague of Heise demonstrated in a video.

In addition to the usual first-person shooter games are also games mountaineering, running, jumping and virtual walks through cities available. What I’ve seen, personally does not convince me. We will keep an eye on the development.

14The good old strength training

Can you even count this on the actual trends? The fact is that classic weight training simply does not go out of fashion. Every man should lift weights. It strengthens your bones, burns fat much better if you want to lose weight, and even keeps your heart healthy. However, here again: ”Everything in moderation”.

Strength training has been shown to help burn fat better than pure cardio exercise.

15Important Side Topic: Nutrition

The app that does not ask what you have eaten, but tells you what you should eat

Wasn’t that annoying to enter every consumption into an app and then at the end of the day you realized that you haven’t reached the low carb goal today?

The new generation of nutritional apps has a different approach. It tells you what you should eat now and, if it works, even WHERE you get the food, or which restaurant in your area has the desired nutrition. For example

The already well-developed offer in the US has space for improvement if you want to use this App in Europe.

16Phytosome instead of dietary supplements

What to do if all the supplements seem to contribute nothing to the training success and do not work at all? Why is that?

Phytosome is the advanced form of herbal products. They can be better absorbed and used and it says they are leading to better results than the previous plant extracts.

Phytosome is produced by a special process in which the individual constituents of an extract to phosphatidylcholine are bound- and emulsifier compound made from soybean. Phosphatidylcholine is also one of the major components of human cell membranes.

The phytosome process has been applied to many popular plant extracts such as Ginko. Flavonoid and terpenoid components of this plant make-up are very well suited for direct attachment to the phosphatidylcholine. This phytosome process produces a small cell, the valuable components of the plant extracts being protected from destruction by the digestive secretions and intestinal bacteria.


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